Pacific Northwest VHF/UHF Beacons

Only beacons in the PNW region or in states/provinces immediately adjacent to the PNW region are listed. For other beacons please consult the links at the bottom of this page.

Please send any additions or corrections to (email).

Frequency Grid Location Owner Comment
28.2985 CN85ss Battle Ground, WA K7FL Inverted vee, 10 w (off-site)
50.033 CO83 Prince George, BC VE7FG Ringo, omni, 50 w
50.0565 CN89 Coquitlam, BC VA7SIX Ringo, omni, 10 w
50.060 CN97al Issaquah, WA WE7X Testing, reports to WE7X (email)
50.0625   Marion, MT W7HAH Stacked halos, omni, 25 w
50.0665 CN85 Boring, OR N7DB Halo, 5 ws. Normally on 24/7, but shut down when operating.
50.069 CN87tg Tacoma, WA W7BAS 5-el Yagi aimed at 90°, 10 w
50.070 DM49ho Utah, 8500' WA7X 100 w (off-site)
50.075 CN82 Central Point, OR KA7BGR  
50.150 DO11 British Columbia VE7RAN  
144.275 CN89 Coquitlam, BC VA7SIX/B Squalo, 25 w, 600' ASL.
Reports to (email)
144.2825 CM88ws Sacramento, CA KJ6KO Pair of HO loops, 40 w (off-site)
144.295 CN82nk Medford, OR KA7BGR Full wave loop at 30', 8 w
144.299 CN97al Issaquah, WA WE7X Test, reports to WE7X (email)
144.299 DM49ho Utah, 8500' WA7X 100 w (off-site)
222.050 CN97al Issaquah, WA WE7X Test, reports to WE7X (email)
432.301 CN97al Issaquah, WA WE7X Test, reports to WE7X (email)
432.280 CM88ws Sacramento, CA KJ6KO Four HO loops, 50 w (off-site)
432.305 CN89nf   VE7LAD/B Antenna at 180 degrees (to Seattle). 6 w
1296.075 CN87qn Bremerton, WA W7HR 24 el DEM looper, 2 w aimed at Mt. Rainier
1296.272 CM88ws Sacramento, CA KJ6KO 25-el loop Yagi @ 145°, 10 w (off-site)
10368.216 CN83jx 43 58 32.9959 N 123 14 40.3250 W Elevation 1050' ASL W7CQ/B CW id once every 69 seconds. 14 inch dish, 0.25 w. Azimuth controlled by W7CQ and posted on his web site (off-site)